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Tori   /   Jun 20, 2016   /   0 Comments

Oh my. Words cannot even begin to express how amazing tonight’s episode was, I’ve rewatched it three times since and each time it gets better I swear. Sansa has been my favorite character since the beginning, obviously, but tonight many fans finally came over to Team Sansa and to you I saw WELCOME!

I’ve got over 450 HD Screencaptures of Sophie from the episode now in the gallery and tonight’s season finale is going to be another unforgettable one.

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The Glamour: Women of the Year Awards are an annual event attended by women from all over the world, and this year Sophie was one of the recipients of the award! A huge congratulations to Sophie on her win, it’s so well deserved!

I posted the first pics in the gallery the other day (always check there first) and added some photos from inside the event and the press room (including her and her award) and about 80+ more arrival HQ’s.

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Hi! “other” mod Hannah here.

I may be in the unfortunate position of living on the other side of the world so I’ll probably never meet Sophie, but in some cases I’m lucky – Australia gets to see X-Men Apocalypse a week before the US! (Give me a moment to gloat… okay done).

I’m undeniably not close to the X-Men universe – I have seen all the films but I’ve always been a casual fan, and I’ve never seen an X-Men movie and come out of it thinking it was anything special. Apocalypse definitely changed that opinion. I can’t possibly preface this with “unbiased opinion” because… I literally co-run this Sophie site and, admittedly, I wouldn’t have been nearly as excited about it if she wasn’t in it. However, I can tell you that overall it is a genuinely good film, packed with emotional moments from several new and pre-loved characters, that stands up well against the oversaturation of superhero films around nowadays (and upon reflection, I think it is superior to Batman VS Superman).

Sophie Turner’s performance as Jean is amazing. Like she’s said before, her take is quite different from Famke Janssen’s – Famke’s older Jean is a lot more self assured and confident with her abilities, while Sophie’s Jean is a young girl struggling to control the growing powers within her. Sophie imbues the character with the kind of fragility and strength we know her to portray so well through Sansa Stark – and yet, she’s almost unrecognisable. She definitely shows her range in this film, nailing an American accent and showing this innate mental power that makes Jean such a unique mutant. You see why people might be afraid of her and the potential she possesses, while also feeling for how out of place in the world she feels because of it. She emits a calmness and kindness towards several key characters in the film, acting as a kind of intrinsic tether in the madness, but there’s a darker edge too. There have been rumours that X-Men might revisit the Dark Phoenix arc, and there’s no doubt in my mind Sophie would do incredible things with that material.

Overall, I appreciated the subtleties in Sophie’s portrayal but was blown away by the big moments she got, which she’s often not afforded on Game of Thrones. Jean was really given a lot of moments to shine in this film (I would even say that her arc was the strongest and most promising) and I do think audiences will warm to her immediately. I can imagine Sophie was pretty chuffed with some of her scene partners, and she held her own among some very experienced and prolific actors (one in particular is a nice surprise).

For the first time in my life I’m genuinely enthusiastic about X-Men and its future – all of the young actors shone (Tye Sheridan especially) and it will be wonderful to see how the universe progresses with these new faces. Loved it!

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Holy Thrones! That’s all I can say without giving anything away from tonight’s episode. But I will say that we actually got to see Sansa smile, and that in itself is HUGE!

I’ve got 241 HD Captures added from tonight’s episode to the gallery and you can check them out by clicking on the link below:

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The ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Boardwalk Empire’ stars will appear in a segment to be directed by Tom van Avermaet.

Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner and Boardwalk Empire’s Jack Huston have signed up to star in a segment of the anthology film Berlin I Love You.

Belgium director Tom van Avermaet, who received an Oscar nomination for his 2012 short Death of a Shadow, will helm the segment, one of 10 shorts that will make up the feature-length omnibus. All are stories of romance set in the German capital.

The film is a sequel to the Cities of Love franchise following Paris je t’aime in 2006 and New York, I Love You in 2008.

Oren Moverman (The Messenger), Jan Ole Gerster (Oh Boy), Marjane Satrapi (Persepolis), Giuseppe Tornatore (Cinema Pardiso) and Chinese artist Ai Weiwei are among the helmers attached to direct episodes of the new film.

Avermaet’s segment will shoot this summer in Berlin. Claus Clausen and Edda Reiser are producing for Walk on Water Film along with Josef Steinberger of Rheingoldfilms. Emmanuel Benbihy, creator of the Cities of Love franchise, will act as executive producer.

Turner, who plays Sansa Stark on HBO’s Game of Thrones, next appears in Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Apocalypse.


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Sophie and all of her fellow X-Mates attended the London Premiere of their new movie, X-Men: Apocalypse, today and I’ve got 23 HQ photos of Sophie from the event now in the gallery with more to come.

Gallery Links:

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After a very long wait and many weeks of whirlwind promotion and teasing, Game of Thrones returned tonight to HBO and after having live tweeted it for both coasts, I can say it does not disappoint and for Sansa fans a great new journey has begun.

I’ve got 331 HD captures from the episode now in the gallery for you all, so enjoy.

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Thanks to Jasha from the Nylon Magazine PR Team we were told about her upcoming issue appearance and she even sent us one of the photoshoot photos!

Sophie is featured in the May 2016 issue and you can read her interview early by heading over to the Nylon website here.