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Hannah   /   Mar 20, 2015   /   0 Comments

Sophie talks about growing up on the Game of Thrones set, Sansa’s future, as well as her upcoming role as Jean Grey in X Men Apocalypse.

Originally posted by ohsophieturner.tumblr.com, translated by killingmesoftlywiththesesongs.tumblr.com

You can read the entire article in English here. The original article (in German) is scanned and available in our gallery.

I: How much of Sansa Stark is in Sophie Turner?

S: I wish I would have adapted some of her traits. Sadly we’re not even a bit alike. I admire how strong she is. She has been through all this crap, and at the end she even becomes a better human. I never went through something like that and don’t know how this can affect you. She alway keeps the innocent expression. She knows, she doesn’t have the power to fight with a sword like her sister Arya. She keeps an innocent, equanimous expression, even when she’s raging on the inside and wants to murder everyone for what has happened to her family. Three years of captivity and she stays brave – that I admire.

I: There will be even less time for that in the future. You will star as Jean in X-Men. Again a fantasy heroine.

S: Yes, but it’s different fantasy from Sansa. Game of Thrones is mediaeval and X-Men is science fiction. But I already detected some similarities in the characters, their strength for example. But otherwise they’re very different. Sansa seems very innocent, Jean on the other hand gets to hit on it full time. And visual they’re so different. Sansa wears long, heavy dresses, Jean a bodysuit.

I: Jennifer Lawrence and Channing Tatum will star in this movie as well. How does it feel to catch up with A-list Hollywood?

S: First it means I’ll be put on a diet before production begins. I’ve got to get somehow into that bodysuit. That was the first thing they told me at the audition in LA: “We love you, but you have to lose ten kilos.”


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