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Thankyou so much to the lovely Mel for the translation!

Sophie Turner is a Stark.

Sophie has a lot in common with her character in Game of Thrones, Sansa Stark. Both are strong, brave and mature. The difference? Sophie depends on the screenwriters to write the next chapter of her life: how she got famous.

Talking about tv can get very passionate when discussing the moments, analyzing plot twists and loving (or loathing) a character. Without a doubt, for us the audience, it is great to be living in the golden age of television. But what makes a show successful? Now, in that, the audience is more demanding. You need well written characters, an impeccable production and creativity freedom. What better show than HBO’s Game of Thrones to prove it? Millions of people can’t be wrong. The struggle of the seven kingdoms has become one of the most talked about dramas, especially episode nine of each season (personally I’m still crying about the one in season 1). “It’s an honor to be able to work on something so awesome,” says Sophie Turner who plays the Stark’s eldest daughter, Sansa. “When I see how each year people are looking forward to watch the new episodes, it makes me appreciate every second to be part of it,” adds the 19 year old actress. Sophie is not only on the biggest show on tv, this year it was announced that she’d be part on one of the biggest film franchises: X-Men: Apocalypse. She’s won over the public’s love, the producers’ trust and most importantly, control over her own life. Her strategy? Two crucial elements: intelligence and maturity.

Game of Thrones has become one of the biggest shows. When you started, did you expect it to become the show with the highest rating on history?
Wow! It’s exciting to be working on something that has exceeded every expectation from the very beginning. The whole team – cast, producers, writers- is very passionate about it, which is the key to our success: we think big and freely. The fans appreciate the effort. Weirdly, when I’m on set, I don’t feel the pressure, I mean, we do care that everything is perfect, but we don’t have the “this is the best show on television so do something to deserve the title” thing on our backs. We just respect the universe in which the story is set, things just flow naturally from that.

For someone so young, you seem to get the hang of the business…
I know a thing or two… for my first big show, it’s not so bad!

What did appeal to you the most from GoT?
I’ll confess: my mum helped me get through the auditions – she read the scripts with me and helped me practice to get the part down. She’s helped me with everything ever since I told her I wanted to be an actress. It was so exciting! Not only because it was the beginning of a new adventure but because this was all new to me and I’ve always loved exploring new things. When I got the script I thought “this is my chance, I’m not gonna throw it away”. I was so happy when I got the part… and just like the fans the more I worked in it and the more I watched the episodes, the more I started to like them. It was an acquired taste that now I love with all my heart.

When did you know you wanted to be an actress?
When I was three. Ever since I can remember! My mum took me to acting lessons but not because she was pressuring me, but because she listened to me and knew this is what I dreamt of. At some point, my life revolved around it. When I turned eleven I wanted to work in small projects. I used to close my eyes and think “If I don’t get into the business now I’m never gonna make it. It’s gonna get harder once I grow up”. It’s challenging for the new talents because you have to make a name for yourself really quickly and it’s a lot of pressure. Maybe I was worrying too much, but I’m glad I took control of my career very early on. The secret is to always be one step ahead of the game.

You speak like a Stark. You mention the challenges of the new talents. Has it been hard for to build your career?
The hardest part is been a kid and an adult at the same time. First I’m in school, studying my classes… then there’s a lot of work and I have to fly to Ireland or Croatia. During filming I have to be very disciplined, because you’re treated like an adult and they expect the best from us. If you do a good job you make the job for everyone else easier. It’s a lot of concentration! And that’s not it, then I have to go back to school and finish my studies. That ambivalence confuses me… there’s a lot of changes, different people, different places… but you get used to it. And, this is gonna sound funny, but when I started on GoT I was 16 and everything was a bit lighter. Now at 19, I don’t take for granted my free time. I don’t like getting up early anymore! I’ve learnt that, as a good grown up, I need more naps.

If you work at 3 am it’s hard to be a morning person. Have you look into others actor’s and director’s work for inspiration?
You are not gonna believe it but I love Jack Nicholson. He’s amazing, with an amazing career, he was never typecast. His career is a reflection of his skill and brilliance, who doesn’t aspire to that? Gary Oldman has an amazing career, he never disappoints.

A lot of people would mention a current actor, but you like the classics. How about a woman that you can add to the list?
Ellen Page, I like that she’s always herself, she looks real like it’s “not just another part”.

Something that defines the younger generation of actors is their presence in social media. Has it been easy for you to make you private life, public?
It’s been easy because, let’s face it, I don’t have the paparazzi outside my house waiting for my every move. I’ve manage to maintain a certain level of privacy, which is good because that doesn’t keep me from using social media. I don’t consider myself “famous” – I think I’m a grounded, normal person. Fame hasn’t changed me at all.

You mean that your 500k followers on twitter and 900k followers on instagram haven’t changed you at all?
Really! Everyone thinks that my life is filled with events and stress but I work hard to balance it all. I’m still thinking about going to college, get a degree is in my list of priorities. I can’t see a future without it. And I’m lucky because I don’t talk about this with my friends, and if we do is because they want to listen to me, not as fans. It would be sad if they treated me differently because of what I do… But I’ve picked them well.

You don’t even give them spoilers?
Never!, that’s forbidden in GoT; our secrets are sacred. And it’s not that they don’t care, but with them I can get away from my job. It’s tiring to film the episodes, then promote the show and then, suddenly, I’m filming again. I don’t want to talk about it on my free time; I wanna talk boys and gossip!

What do you like the most about Sansa Stark?
I like that she seems shy and quiet at the beginning, but she has her moments of bravery and courage, especially this last season. She’s not emotionally affected as easily anymore, she’s grown up a lot; she’s taken everything that is against her and used it to gain knowledge and wisdom. Everything that could weaken her has made her stronger. I really admire her.

In the game of thrones exhibition we got to see that props and costumes and jewelry and appreciate how detailed everything is talk me through the process to become a GoT character.
It’s tiresome. The production process for a single garment can take months; now multiply it by every cast member of the show. Our team goes to a lot of fashion shows, do lots of sketches; they’re such an inspiration for any fashion lovers! For me to get into character, it takes an hour in make up and an hour and a half for the costume. We start early in the morning and we are all set by noon.

How is it to work with George RR Martin, the creator of this amazing universe?
It’s really fun to work with him. He’s always interested in our performance. If I had to describe him, I would say he’s a walking dictionary; it’s great to have such creative people in your life. Yes, there’s a lot of death but he’s such a nice guy!

Aside from Tv we’re gonna see you in X-Men:Apocalypse. You’re gonna be in two of the most successful franchises in the world!
I’m so excited! I think it’s testament of how well I’ve taken my career so far. Especially because, even though I love Sansa, it’s dangerous to get typecast. People would often think that I can only play shy and naïve characters that cry a lot, but I am more than that. It’s good to change… That’s the beauty of fiction: you can play different characters and challenge your abilities.

What do you like about this new character, Jean Grey, known as Phoenix?
That I get to wear modern clothes! And she has the power of telekinesis which is amazing. I can’t really get into details, but I can tell you that it’s gonna be an amazing film.

You talk about the new generation of actors, can you give them any advice?
Don’t take things so seriously; do what you love and enjoy the good and the bad. Don’t let anyone take advantage of you. It hasn’t happened to me, but people tend to take advantage of your trust. There’s a lot of courage in proving how strong you are. But once you get there nothing can stop you.

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