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Tori   /   May 01, 2019   /   0 Comments

Diplo broke the news on his Instagram feed right after the Billboard Music Awards in Vegas, saying “gonna hit his wedding real quick.” It turned out to be none other than our girl and her guy, where they exchanged ring pops and were married by kickass Reverand Elvis.

Their vows, short and sweet were ” I promise you, I will never leave you. I will love and trust you, all the days of my life. In sickness and in health… forever and ever. ”

HUGE congratulations to Sophie & Joe on their nuptuals, the pair are still having an official ceremony in Paris next month.

Tori   /   Feb 21, 2019   /   0 Comments

Happy Birthday to our fave girl @SophieT! Thank you for having us along your wonderful journey these last 8 years and here’s to many more of them together. I’m SO proud of you and always in awe of how your kindness ripples. It’s amazing and so are you. ?? #SophieTurner pic.twitter.com/TVeU2fXWJv— Sophie Turner Online (@SophieTurnerCom) February 21, 2019

In honour of Sophie’s birthday, we’ve added over 1300 HD Screencaptures from her latest film, Time Freak, to the galley:

Tori   /   Feb 21, 2018   /   0 Comments

Another year has come and it’s time wish our girl a very Happy 22nd Birthday! So many wonderful things have happened in the last year for Sophie professionally and personally and we’re so proud of everything she’s done and all that she’s becoming. Sophie is one of the most kind hearted people out there and here’s to another great year filled with wonder and love for her!

We can’t wait to see what the next year brings.

Tori   /   Oct 15, 2017   /   0 Comments

The girl who once did yoga is now hitting a new milestone! This morning Sophie and beau Joe shared the happiest of news in a joint post to their Instagrams, THEY’RE GETTING HITCHED!

Huge congratulations to Sophie and Joe from the Sophie Turner Online team, we’re so happy for them both. If you’d like to leave any well wishes for the happy couple, feel free to leave a comment below!

Tori   /   Feb 21, 2017   /   0 Comments

It’s that time again and Sophie’s reached a huge milestone today! 21! The biggest of Happy Birthday’s to you Sophie, thanks for letting us be part of the journey for all these years, we can’t wait to see what happens next!

Be sure to send her some birthday wishes on twitter! @SophieT. Gif by hermioneoh

Tori   /   Feb 05, 2017   /   0 Comments

Sophie’s turning 21 in a few short weeks, and while we couldn’t figure out exactly what we wanted to look at doing to celebrate after some discussion we’ve decided to do a charity fundraiser in Sophie’s name with the money going to the IRC, which is also known as the the International Rescue Committee.

It’s a humanitarian relief organization that aids refugees around the world that Sophie as well as her fellow Game of Thrones cast members helped support last year in a big partnership between HBO and the IRC.

The goal is 1000$ but the campaign runs for 30 days which means we can still continue to raise money even after Sophie’s birthday, every dollar counts and all of the proceeds will be going to the IRC. They work throughout Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the United States. Currently they are fighting to help refugees in the U.S. affected by Trump’s ban.

Hannah   /   May 19, 2016   /   0 Comments

Hi! “other” mod Hannah here.

I may be in the unfortunate position of living on the other side of the world so I’ll probably never meet Sophie, but in some cases I’m lucky – Australia gets to see X-Men Apocalypse a week before the US! (Give me a moment to gloat… okay done).

I’m undeniably not close to the X-Men universe – I have seen all the films but I’ve always been a casual fan, and I’ve never seen an X-Men movie and come out of it thinking it was anything special. Apocalypse definitely changed that opinion. I can’t possibly preface this with “unbiased opinion” because… I literally co-run this Sophie site and, admittedly, I wouldn’t have been nearly as excited about it if she wasn’t in it. However, I can tell you that overall it is a genuinely good film, packed with emotional moments from several new and pre-loved characters, that stands up well against the oversaturation of superhero films around nowadays (and upon reflection, I think it is superior to Batman VS Superman).

Sophie Turner’s performance as Jean is amazing. Like she’s said before, her take is quite different from Famke Janssen’s – Famke’s older Jean is a lot more self assured and confident with her abilities, while Sophie’s Jean is a young girl struggling to control the growing powers within her. Sophie imbues the character with the kind of fragility and strength we know her to portray so well through Sansa Stark – and yet, she’s almost unrecognisable. She definitely shows her range in this film, nailing an American accent and showing this innate mental power that makes Jean such a unique mutant. You see why people might be afraid of her and the potential she possesses, while also feeling for how out of place in the world she feels because of it. She emits a calmness and kindness towards several key characters in the film, acting as a kind of intrinsic tether in the madness, but there’s a darker edge too. There have been rumours that X-Men might revisit the Dark Phoenix arc, and there’s no doubt in my mind Sophie would do incredible things with that material.

Overall, I appreciated the subtleties in Sophie’s portrayal but was blown away by the big moments she got, which she’s often not afforded on Game of Thrones. Jean was really given a lot of moments to shine in this film (I would even say that her arc was the strongest and most promising) and I do think audiences will warm to her immediately. I can imagine Sophie was pretty chuffed with some of her scene partners, and she held her own among some very experienced and prolific actors (one in particular is a nice surprise).

For the first time in my life I’m genuinely enthusiastic about X-Men and its future – all of the young actors shone (Tye Sheridan especially) and it will be wonderful to see how the universe progresses with these new faces. Loved it!

Hannah   /   Jul 21, 2015   /   0 Comments

Sophie has been nominated for an EWwy award (emmy snubbed favourites). It’s up to you guys to vote for her and to show your appreciation for her hard-hitting performance this season on Game of Thrones!

Click this link: http://www.ew.com/article/2015/07/20/ewwy-awards-2015-vote

Hannah   /   Jun 27, 2015   /   1 Comment



Thankyou so much to the lovely Mel for the translation!

Sophie Turner is a Stark.

Sophie has a lot in common with her character in Game of Thrones, Sansa Stark. Both are strong, brave and mature. The difference? Sophie depends on the screenwriters to write the next chapter of her life: how she got famous.

Talking about tv can get very passionate when discussing the moments, analyzing plot twists and loving (or loathing) a character. Without a doubt, for us the audience, it is great to be living in the golden age of television. But what makes a show successful? Now, in that, the audience is more demanding. You need well written characters, an impeccable production and creativity freedom. What better show than HBO’s Game of Thrones to prove it? Millions of people can’t be wrong. The struggle of the seven kingdoms has become one of the most talked about dramas, especially episode nine of each season (personally I’m still crying about the one in season 1). “It’s an honor to be able to work on something so awesome,” says Sophie Turner who plays the Stark’s eldest daughter, Sansa. “When I see how each year people are looking forward to watch the new episodes, it makes me appreciate every second to be part of it,” adds the 19 year old actress. Sophie is not only on the biggest show on tv, this year it was announced that she’d be part on one of the biggest film franchises: X-Men: Apocalypse. She’s won over the public’s love, the producers’ trust and most importantly, control over her own life. Her strategy? Two crucial elements: intelligence and maturity.

Game of Thrones has become one of the biggest shows. When you started, did you expect it to become the show with the highest rating on history?
Wow! It’s exciting to be working on something that has exceeded every expectation from the very beginning. The whole team – cast, producers, writers- is very passionate about it, which is the key to our success: we think big and freely. The fans appreciate the effort. Weirdly, when I’m on set, I don’t feel the pressure, I mean, we do care that everything is perfect, but we don’t have the “this is the best show on television so do something to deserve the title” thing on our backs. We just respect the universe in which the story is set, things just flow naturally from that.

For someone so young, you seem to get the hang of the business…
I know a thing or two… for my first big show, it’s not so bad!

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